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2019 Budget: Buhari Set To Spend Billions On Foreign Trips, Others

President Buhari-Signing-Budget-PostNaija

President Muhammadu Buhari is set to spend N1.001 billion from the recently signed 2019 budget on trips this year. PostNaija had learned that President Buhari, signed the 2019 Appropriation Bill into law early this week.

However, the full details show that president Buhari will spend N751.296 million on foreign trips alone, while about N250. 021 million will be spent on trips within Nigeria.

Similarly, vice President Yemi Osinbajo will also spend N217.060 million on foreign trips, in addition to N83.74 million made for local trips. Meanwhile, the signed 2019 budget, N3.822 billion was set aside for yearly routine maintenance of mechanical/electrical fixings in Aso Villa.

In the same vein, N576.747 million was set aside for the gradually phased replacement of vehicles, spares as well as tires in the presidential CVU, security escort, and State House operational fleet.

Meanwhile, President Buhari is expected to spend N164.176 million on honorarium and sitting allowance, including N25 652 million on meals and refreshments. The Chief Security Officer to the president got the total sum of N433.457 million for the purchase of a security and operational vehicles.

In addition, N395.834 million was reserved for the Presidential Wing of the State House Clinic, while N395.834 million would be spent on the construction of office buildings.

Likewise, the State House Medical Centre was allocated a total sum of N798.856 million, with drugs and medicals supplies taking about N208.350 million and N244.364 million reserved for the purchase of health and medical equipment.

Subsequently, the upgrade of Villa Ranch and construction of wildlife conservation capture would take about N27.463 million; while the rehabilitation of animal procurement of Vet Lab equipment was allocated a distinct sum of N11.865 million.

More so, the Office of the President would get N8, 580,741 for the purchase of books in the 2019 fiscal year. While N26, 432, 346 was provided in the budget for the acquisition of newspapers, including N3, 511,909 which was set aside for magazines and periodicals.