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Andy Ruiz Sensationally Destroys Anthony Joshua (Video)

Anthony Joshua knocked down
Anthony Joshua knocked down

Any Ruiz Jr showcased one of the biggest shocks in the history of a heavyweight as British-Nigerian boxer, Anthony Joshua, suffered an embarrassing defeat on his United States debut. After he was knocked down four times by Mexican-American boxer, Andy Ruiz Jr, to strip him of the heavyweight championship

In a truly remarkable fight, at the New York’s Madison Square Garden, PostNaija reports that Andy Ruiz Jr. stopped Joshua in the seventh round of the fight on Saturday, June 1, to emerge the first Mexican-American heavyweight world champion.

Joshua, who was a 1-25 favorite with several bookmakers, with undisputed 22 wins – 21 knockout while going into the fight. He, however, will now join the likes of Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis as the dominant champions to ever suffer defeat which brought the sport to a halt.  

Meanwhile, the British title holder was defending his WBA, IBF and WBO World Heavyweight Titles in the fight against Andy Ruiz. But the underdog, knocked him down four times after which he was subsequently, awarded a technical knockout.

Andy Ruiz Jr celebrates winning the fight Action.
The moment Andy Ruiz Jr celebrates winning the fight Action.

This clearly means that the 6-ft-2, flabby 268-pound Andy Ruiz, who looks anything like a fighter, now has three titles attributed to him. IBF, WBA as well as WBO World Heavyweight Titles, all thanks to the triumph against Joshua.